RIP Brian Redman

Morreu hoje o baixista de Trial, Brian Redman.


Funny thing when something that needs to be said or something that you’d like to say, you can’t find the words to say it.

This past Saturday night one of our close friends and bass player, Brian Redman, was involved in a motor vehicle accident and passed away. Waking up the next morning to the news was very painful. Trying to collect thoughts, reflecting on all the time I had spent with him, rethinking if I had heard it correctly, is he really gone? It just couldn’t be. I’ll never see my friend again and I am beyond words to describe how that makes me feel.

I’ll never forget Brian Redman, hard to forget a guy that was a walking party. No matter who came in contact with Brian, they were instantly attracted to him. He was one of the most sincere, sarcastic, witty, intelligent, talented guys that you would meet. Even if he was having a bad day, he put on a happy face to raise the spirits of those around him. He was a good…no, he was a great friend to all those that he cared for and cared for him.

As I sit and type this, I still can’t find the words to say what I would like to say. I’d like to write every single memory of the past 12 years with Brian, I can’t wrap my head around them to write them down, besides…I don’t think anyone would understand some of them other than me and him, that leaves me completely hurt and sad that I will never be able to say “hey, remember when…”

Last time I saw Brian, he was running around in a pink tutu and corpse paint…that’s the Brian that I loved and will never forget. Life of the party.
Brian was one of the greatest people that I had in my life, I will never forget him and I will miss him every single day.

I love you Brian Redman.



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